Thank you Chicagoland!   You've made this possible!
Thank you for your interest in The 100% Foundation!

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In loving memory Jim Harney 1938-2015

The mission of The 100% Foundation is to supply Chicagoland children with a variety of literacy programs and fun memories during challenging times. We will do so by using all of the funds towards our consistent annual agenda.

We pay all of the overhead expenses out of our own pockets... No expense accounts and no administrative expenses! Not only does all of our funding go to the agenda, we find the best deal on everything we do. We also attend every event we sponsor, and never simply "cut a check" to anyone. We have had to turn away many requests, to keep our focus true.

Our foundation was accepted as 501(c)(3) status in June 2005. Interestingly, it was rejected twice, as the IRS couldn't believe that there were NO overhead expenses. They insisted there must be "more information". They wanted to see the expense reports... the administrative costs and the office expense. After a conference call, in which we assured them of our concept and how it worked, they approved our application for foundation status. The comment made was "it seemed too good to be true".

With your support, and future dedication, the programs we provide will continue to thrive. We vow to focus on the annual programming we've established, as we do not want to disappoint the children. Depending on our funding, we can expand our program at any time, and the amount of need in our city is endless.

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The 100 Percent Foundation's "Clowning Around" Program

We are often asked what we would do with more funding? How would we manage to stay within our mission? Our dream of expanding will occur, only while staying within our "100% standard". If we can touch the lives of more sick and disadvantaged children, we will do so only in the "hands-on, 100% way". We make a guarantee, that any additional funding will be used exactly the same way. If we expand, we will do so within the responsible method we have established. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the funding will go to the children! We will not accept funding we can not use in this manner.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in making this possible. There are very few "guarantees" in life. But our pledge is our guarantee! We will make every penny count and show you how it was accomplished, every step of the way!

Thank you for sharing our vision!

Proud selection as a charity of the month at the Signature Room at the John Hancock Building for the month of December 2007